Friday, March 22, 2013

EU 2020 CO2 Reduction Standards Will Save Drivers Money

Making cars more efficient is cost effective, new research on the matter has found. Here are some details from Green Car Congress:

fuel savings

A report published by Cambridge Econometrics and Ricardo-AEA concludes that overall, the cost of technologies required to meet proposed European 2020 CO2 regulations for vehicles (95 g/km for cars and 147 g/km for vans) will be more than offset by the resultant fuel savings. The technical and macro-economic study, commissioned by the European Climate Foundation, focuses on light-duty vehicles.

The project is taking a phased approach. This first report (Phase I) examines only the impact of improving the efficiency of fossil-fueled vehicles, in which efficiency gains are delivered by the improvement of the internal combustion engine vehicle, including lightweighting, engine downsizing and hybridization. The Phase II report, to be presented mid-2013, examines the impact of the gradual penetration of advanced powertrains, such as battery-electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles, and the gradual replacement of fossil fuels with increasing levels of indigenous energy resources, such as electricity and hydrogen.

I’m curious to see what the researchers find in the electric vehicle (and hydrogen) portion of the study. For more details on the Phase I report, check out the Green Car Congress article or the original press release.

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